If Your Reading This… YOU CAN GET YOUR EX BACK!

O.K. Did you hear that? YOU CAN GET YOUR EX BACK!

Now what you need to do to get your ex back is probably the next question that popped in your head.

First, let me tell you what you ABSOLUTELY CAN’T DO if you want your ex back, and the sad reason I know is… well, I’ve done all that when I tried to get my ex back, so here goes. And pay attention.

1. Don’t fight the break-up

I know you’re feeling like you don’t want your ex to go away and you’re terrified and that’s O.K., but you must agree with your ex to break up at this point.

Be as cool as you can about it and just don’t fight back. Now is not the time and you’re ex already made up his or her mind if you start to make it into a big deal you’re only gonna make your ex more secure in their decision.

If you already have done this, it’s O.K. once you ran into your ex again, tell him or her that it was the right thing to do and that you agree completely. You’ll get your ex back, but first, you need to let go of your ex.

2. Don’t panic!

This may or may not be applicable in your situation, since you may already be past that point, but if you’re not, try to keep your cool. I know it sounds harsh, but the truth is no one is attracted to needy, desperate out of control mess.

I know this because I did this when I’ve first tried to get my ex back and it backfired, it actually pushed my ex even further away from me (to a no-contact zone).

So try to be as calm as you can, you may break down when you’re alone on with your friends, but don’t let your ex see you freak out, keep up the impression of being in control.

3. Don’t initiate contact with your ex

Now, what this means in simply avoid any communication till you pull your self together.

Don’t call, don’t text and don’t stalk social network profile your ex may have.

You will get the wrong picture if your ex doesn’t pick up or you see him or her going out with new people and it will trigger you to start panicking again. Avoid it at all costs.

If you go out with your friends drinking and partying, ask one of them to hold your phone just in case and give it back to you in the morning. You’re highly emotional after the break-up and it doesn’t match well with alcohol. Plus how will you ever get your ex back if your ex can’t even understand what you’re saying?

4.  Don’t try and arrange “accidental” meetings whit your ex

Just goes hand in hand with point no2. You’ll never get your ex back this way.

For one it won’t look like it was an accident since you and your ex know each other well and you know his or her routine and it isn’t a good place to being anything. You can’t really talk this way and frankly, if your ex wanted to talk to you, he or she would of get in touch with you. So don’t do this!

5. Don’t proclaim your love whenever you have the chance

I know you can’t always avoid your ex altogether. It’s unrealistic to expect you won’t run into each other or that he or she won’t give you a ring to hear how you’re doing.

If and when this happens don’t immediately go into telling your ex you still have feelings and want them back. To get your ex back you’ll need to get your ex guessing if you still do want them back.

I know it may not make much sense, it didn’t to me when I first tried this but it did get my ex back. So don’t tell your ex you still love him or her! And don’t beg them to come back to your that’s very unattractive.

What to do to get your ex back?

1. Focus on your self.

I know it may seem so hard to just let your ex go without a fight but working smart is much more effective than working hard – thrust me. In order to work smart you need to focus all that emotions and energy you have stored for your ex onto yourself.

Improve your life – get a haircut, try out a new image, go shopping, take up a new hobby or quit the job you always hated.

Whatever you decide to do, do it for your self. If you always wanted to take an exotic trip someplace, now is the time. If you wanted to try skydiving, go out and try it.

It will keep you mid off your ex, make you meet a ton of new people and the adrenaline will do you good.

So don’t just close up and wait for your ex to come back to you, to get your ex back you’ll have to do some changes in your life and why not make them for the better.

2. Play just a little hard to get next time you see your ex

People want what they can’t have!

This is the truth and a fact of life, it may not be glamorous but that’s the way it is.

A lot of seduction, relationship and break up advice comes down to this. If you can’t have it you want it. To get your ex back you need to work on your flirting skills. Now, this doesn’t mean being rude to your ex, but letting your ex know it’s not so easy to get you back (and this is especially true if you’re a woman, don’t let into your ex-boyfriend too soon or you’ll lose him for good).

Now that you have a more fulfilled life your ex will automatically want to get to know you again.

For one he or she will fear that you’ve moved on for good.

And he or she will want to be close to this new, fun, adventurous, flirty person. Your ex fell for you once, can you remember who you were then? How you communicated and what was important to you? I bet you were not this broken person you feel like you’re now. So in order to get your ex back, you need to re-introduce your ex with the person you once were. Plus a bit extra for your self.

It’s in our nature to be curious about “new” things and after the no-contact and the new-you phase, your ex will want to get to know you again!

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