My Ex Girlfriend Hates Me, Is There any Hope?

Relationships can be tricky and there really is a fine line between love and hate. This means that if your ex seems to hate you, it more than likely means you still have a chance with them. The thing about having a relationship with someone is that you need an attraction more than anything less. You don’t really have to like the other person in order to fall in love with them, but you do need to be attracted to them. This means that as long as the attraction exists, it doesn’t matter if they hate you or not, you still have a chance with them.

Hate or LoveHate or Love

The most important thing that you need to understand about an attraction is that it has nothing to do with loving or hating someone. An attraction is just there naturally and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. This means that you do not always have a choice in the people that you are attracted to. You might not make the best decisions and end up falling for people that aren’t the best option for you, but this is what happens when attraction takes control. This means that if she hates you, there is still a chance you can win her back as long as the attention still exists. The attraction that you have to one another is what matters above all else.

Bad Boys

One of the best examples of attraction winning out involves the love of “Bad Boys.” even when guys are complete jerks and treat girls poorly, they keep coming back for more because they are attracted to them. Sometimes being hated is what makes the attraction stronger for some women. Hating someone really is completely irrelevant when it comes to relationships.

Focus on Attraction

If you think that your ex hates you, there is still a chance that you can win her back as long as you focus on the attraction. This means that you need to make yourself appear the most attractive in her eyes if you really want to get things started again. Focus on the chemistry that you have between each other and let that overpower the hate. You will be surprised with the amount of women that are in relationships with guys that they clearly hate, but are also obviously attracted to.

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