How to make your ex-girlfriend jealous!

Jealousy is a vice.

For centuries, being jealous has been looked down upon. It is not considered to be an attribute of a nice person. However, jealousy has to be deconstructed. It has to be put in the right context. When it comes to jealousy in a relationship, a bit of it is great. None of it or too much of it is fatal.

Before we dive into how to make your ex-girlfriend jealous, let us understand why jealousy is so important. Why would you feel jealous about anything in the first place? The seed of jealousy lies in the fact that you don’t have something that you want or somebody has something that you don’t and you would rather be in his or her shoes. This want or longing is the foundation of jealousy. It may also be seen as a manifestation of greed or ambition when it is seen in professional or materialistic contexts. In relationships, jealousy is a manifestation of the reality that someone is afraid of losing you or that someone is not happy having lost you.

It has begun

If you succeed in how to make your ex-girlfriend jealous, then that can be the first step to win her back.

The age old or evergreen strategy to make a former love interest jealous is to be seen with another woman. If that woman is known to her, it is better. If your ex-girlfriend did not like that woman very much to begin with, it is even better. Women don’t like losing to men when it comes to relationships. But more than that, women don’t like to lose to other women, certainly not when it comes to the same man. Now, you shouldn’t just tell your ex-girlfriend that you are dating or seeing someone. The trick is to show, not tell. You should be seen with a new girl in your social circles, at partying hotspots and wherever you used to be. If are you seen often with the girl and if you manage to bump into your ex girlfriend more often than once, then you would certainly make her feel uncomfortable. That is the first step to feeling jealous.

Emma-selfieThe trick is…

There is a caveat to the aforementioned strategy. You cannot be seen with just any random girl. She has to be prettier, sexier, hotter or more intelligent than your ex-girlfriend. If she is prettier and more intelligent than her, voila! The reality is if you settle for someone inferior to your ex-girlfriend, she would feel pity. She could even feel happy. She wouldn’t feel jealous if she is superior to that girl in more than one way. Your date must be able to trump your ex, if not totally then at least in an area where your ex-girlfriend is vulnerable.

Communication = Ended

You need to learn the art of ignoring. You cannot stay in touch with your ex-girlfriend the way you used to and expect her to feel jealous. It is very common for girls to end a relationship, which obviously ends all the mushy romances and sex, but keeps the friendship alive. Which means you would still be doing certain things that you had been doing as a boyfriend but only now you don’t get laid and you don’t get the special treatment. That is a disaster. Ignore her but not entirely, else you would emerge as a jerk and your ex-girlfriend would feel content that she called it quits. Be with her just to make your presence felt, that you exist but ignore her completely. Don’t acknowledge your past with her or that you are weak for her.

Online Tells All!

Use social networks or social media to your advantage. Get tagged with people having fun, but don’t overdo it. Get tagged on photos with beautiful women. Be seen and tagged at popular hotspots in your city. Be visibly happy but also poised. Elegance is the key. You cannot suddenly appear like a free beast because then the girl would question herself if she knew you at all.

Facebook RapeSet up a fake Facebook Rape

If you do not already know what Facebook Rape is it is where someone gets on your Facebook Profile without your permission and updates your status to something embarrassing or funny.

You need to update your Facebook status yourself, but make it look like another girl did it as a Facebook Rape. Shortly after a few comments come through, you need to comment on it.

Some Facebook Rape Example Messages:

“Ashley is the most beautiful girl in the whole world! She’s so awesome!”

Then, a few minutes later, add a comment saying:

“Funny Funny Girl, I can not leave my phone around you anymore! ;)”

If you are still friends on Facebook with your ex, I assure you she will see and read this, and just the thought of you with another girl will cause jealousy. But even if you two are no longer friends chances are you are still friends with a couple of her friends. And one of her friends will see and and send screenshots or show your ex in person of your “Facebook Rape”.

If you are consistently posting positive and attractive posts to your Facebook, you should make your profile public so if the two of you are not ‘friends’ she can still see everything and get jealous.

Don’t miss this

Most importantly, don’t appear to be fake! You would obviously do a few things that you may not want to do which is why you must do them within a certain limit so you don’t appear to be on a hyperbole. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t try to do something that looks completely odd. You should remain or be the man that your ex-girlfriend liked or wanted and yet you should have fun the way you would have and how the world would want you to.

ex girlfriend jealous

What it all Boils Down To…

The secret to make your ex-girlfriend jealous is to ensure that she regrets not being with you. She should long for your company and would rather want you for herself than giving you away for others, which would include your social circle, a new girl and your close friends.



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