Get my ex back like in a song?

What should I do to get my ex back?  I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question in the past.  Probably you just came from a break-up, and you’re asking the question now.  If she’s really worth it, then do whatever it takes to reconcile with her.  But how!

I was in this painful predicament not very long ago.  I wanted so much to get my ex back.  But I couldn’t figure out how, until I heard the song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”.  The first few lines struck me.  “To really love a woman to understand her you got to know her deep inside. . .”

Get my ex back like in a song?

Yes.  Difficult as it may seem, I have to understand her.  Why did she leave?  Is there something that I did or didn’t do?  Is there something in our relationship that she wants changed or improved?  Wanting to get my ex back made me ask more questions.  But to get her back I had to have a much deeper appreciation of her.  I had to “hear (her) every thought, see (her) every dream. . .”

I did a lot of figuring out.  It almost drove me nuts.  But she’s worth fighting for.  Even if I had to spend sleepless nights pondering over those questions, it was a small price to pay to get my ex back.  Now I think I have a better grasp of the person that she is.  It’s like I could “breathe her, really taste her ‘til (I could) feel her in (my) blood”.

However, simply understanding did not get my ex back.

We had to dialogue.  We had to openly and honestly talk about what we want and what our expectations are.  Probably the series of conversations was mumbo jumbo.  But the important thing was that I was able to tell her “that she’s really wanted . . . and that she’s the one . . .  ’cause she needs somebody to tell her that (we’ll) always be together . . .”

What I learned from this experience is that relationships should not be taken for granted.  You should always tell your woman “. . . that she’s the one because she needs somebody to tell her that it’s going to last forever . . .” The skeptical amongst us will scorn the notion of forever.  But isn’t that how love is meant to be?

I am hoping that I will not go through this experience again.  But I will never forget that to get my ex back, I asked the question “have you ever really loved a woman”.

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